Dotugo is an Indonesian design agency that provide services in branding, graphic design, website development, and mobile applications. Located in Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta province of Indonesia, the agency was founded by Ansyar Hafid in 2008. Dotugo would always been on to become one of the design agency that supports individuals, companies, and organizations locally and worldwide for all time. Dotugo designs brand identity, develops websites, creates mobile apps, and enhances marketing tools.

Dotugo is a team that consist of professional graphic designers, programmers, and copywriters.

as core concept, Dotugo always holds firm to Everything is Designed philosophy and Conceptual Blending framework in our professional work.

To be the most influential design company in local and global scale. Clients satisfaction is our utmost priority. We holds believe that everything is designed, thus, we design everything.

1. Design stuff by considering all aspects, and maintaining costs and time efficiency
2. Develop stuff by adapting appropriate trends and technologies
3. Publish stuff efficiently on purpose to targeted segments


Our Dot Quarter

dotugo | Graphic Design Agency
Main address:
Jalan Kelapa Hijau No.99B,
Jagakarsa - 12620
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia,

Tel: +62 811 134 0902
E-mail: hello(at)